Feedback, compliments and complaints can be lodged:

  • ​Directly with a staff member or management person of TSS. This can be done in person, over the phone, by writing a letter or by completing our Feedback, Compliments and Complaints email. 

  • email to Head Office:

  • phone on: 0431 590 010

  • Or if you wish to remain anonymous please fill out the Feedback Form below.

Your compliment or complaint will be formally acknowledged within 24 hours. We aim to respond to all complaints and grievances as quickly as possible.


All feedback and complaints will be used by Tailored Support Services to assist us in continuously improving our Service Delivery. 

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Escalating Complaints:

If you feel a complaint has not been sufficiently or appropriately addressed, you can seek further support from our Director, Alex Taylor or our Service Coordinator, Debra Lawson.